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Monday, 13 June 2016

Shocking Sugar Statistics

This afternoon 4.2 made some shocking scientific discoveries. As part of our science topic 'Animals (including humans)' we have been looking at the impact of diet on health. 
Today, our focus was on sugar. We began by deciding which of these facts about sugar are true, and which are false. We were quite surprised by some of the results, take a look below. 
Next, we took a look at the nutritional information on some of our favourite snacks and measured out the quantity of sugar in each. 

We discussed our results and compared the sugar in each of the bags. We were absolutely shocked to find that in just 250ml of Pepsi there were 28g of sugar- a whole teaspoon MORE than our guideline daily amount of 24g. 
Take a look at some of our shocking results below. 
 We were horrified to discover that these 'healthy' porridge oats had 15g of sugar per 40g portion! 

20g of sugar in just one Capri-Sun carton!

This was certainly an afternoon to remember.

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