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Monday, 7 December 2015

Terrific Toy Theatre

Today 4.2 had a very exciting afternoon at the REP theatre watching and performing our fantastic Toy Theatre projects. 
Here our our fantastic Space Adventurers ready to perform their play. 
Here are 4.2 watching 3.1's fantastic performance. 
Next, the marvellous 3.3. 
Finally fantastic 4.1. 

After watching each other perform we got to take a seat in the theatre and watch some professional actors perform OUR scripts! Keep your eye on this blog to see a video of 4.2's "Game Hackers" being performed. 

Here are our fab script writers going up on stage to take a bow after writing such an extraordinary script. 

Friday, 13 November 2015

Spectacular Space

Today we shared the fantastic science projects the children in years three and four completed over the half term.
There was a range of fantastic writing and amazing art pieces and Mrs McGeary and Mrs Williams had the difficult task of choosing a winner.
Tegan in 4.2 was crowned the winner and we are all very proud of her achievement.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Toy Theatre

Today 4.2 had their second Toy Theatre project planning session. 
Holly from the REP theatre came in to help us create brand new characters, storylines and settings. 
We're looking forward to seeing it all come to life over the next few weeks. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Lickey to Waseley Walk

As part of our studies of Mountains and Hills this half term year 4 enjoyed an exciting walking through the Lickey and Waseley Hills. Here you can see some pictures of us on our walk. 
 Enjoying the view.

 Look who we found! You can see our own Big Hoot Owl creation, Wisey, on The Big Hoot Blog. 

 Making the most of the playground after all of that walking!

 Hiding out ready to surprise the other group!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Our very first brass lesson!

Today 4.2 have had their very first brass lesson. We got to practice our use of pitch, beat and buzz and have a go at using our mouthpieces. 
After a good practice we got our own instruments and tried our hand at playing a C.
Macie said she liked the brass lesson because "it was very exciting and we can now practice our instruments so that we can play them beautifully!"
Adam added that he enjoyed learning how to create a sound with the instrument. He said he found it "very easy!"
Dwayne admitted that he found it a bit tough to make the buzz on the instrument but he had fun all the same!
We are all looking forward to our next brass lesson next week! 

Friday, 18 September 2015

Lots to Celebrate!

There's a brand new 4.2 in town and they've had a very busy first two weeks back at school! 
Today we had our first Celebration Assembly for years 3 and 4 and we got the chance to celebrate lots of wonderful achievements from the year so far!
A massive congratulations go to Kashish and Me'Shack for winning our first certificates that were presented to them by Mrs Williams, Me'Shack for Settling In Well and Kashish for wonderful reading. 

Mrs Roberts also had a special surprise for us during this assembly. She bought some wonderful medals to commemorate the Queen Elizabeth I's achievement of becoming the Longest Reigning British Monarch. 
Last week, everyone in KS2 created beautiful fact files jam packed with information about the Queen and two lucky winners from each class got to receive one of Mrs Roberts' wonderful medals. 
For us, the congratulations go to Kashish (again!) and Aman. 

The good news doesn't end there for 4.2! Esha and Sara did lots of work about the Queen at home and when Mrs Roberts saw it she was so impressed that they received a medal each too!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Our RE Trip

Today all of year 4 have been lucky enough to visit St. Philips Cathedral, St Martin's Church and the BMAG Museum. We visited the churches to reinforce our learning about Christianity and, while we were there, we also popped into the museum to conduct a Roman treasure hunt!  

4.2's first stop of the day was the impressive St Philip's Cathedral. 

Our knowledgeable tour guide told us all about how the church was chosen to become Birmingham Cathedral in 1905 when, during a period of massive industrial growth, Birmingham became a city. 
She also showed us the cathedral's famous stained glass windows which tourists come from far and wide to see for themselves! 

After this informative talk, we split into two groups to learn more about the church itself. 

Here we are taking a closer look at the baptismal font. 

Maizy played the part of a proud mother bringing her daughter to be baptised while Harry took the role of the father and Makale and Reagan were named godparents! 
Here are some of the children learning about the ship's bell which was displayed in the cathedral. 
Harry investigated the inscriptions inside the bell which gave the names of all the people who were baptised on the HMS Birmingam. 
Dalton even got to have a go at ringing the bell!

After a quick snack in the pigeon park... 

We headed over to the museum.

Here we became Roman Treasure Hunters as we searched for some interesting artefacts.

Our final stop of the day was at St Martin's Church in the bullring. 
Here the reverend gave us a very informative guided tour of the historic church. 

We have learnt a lot about Christianity today and showed respect for the religious locations that we visited, great job today 4.2!