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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Our RE Trip

Today all of year 4 have been lucky enough to visit St. Philips Cathedral, St Martin's Church and the BMAG Museum. We visited the churches to reinforce our learning about Christianity and, while we were there, we also popped into the museum to conduct a Roman treasure hunt!  

4.2's first stop of the day was the impressive St Philip's Cathedral. 

Our knowledgeable tour guide told us all about how the church was chosen to become Birmingham Cathedral in 1905 when, during a period of massive industrial growth, Birmingham became a city. 
She also showed us the cathedral's famous stained glass windows which tourists come from far and wide to see for themselves! 

After this informative talk, we split into two groups to learn more about the church itself. 

Here we are taking a closer look at the baptismal font. 

Maizy played the part of a proud mother bringing her daughter to be baptised while Harry took the role of the father and Makale and Reagan were named godparents! 
Here are some of the children learning about the ship's bell which was displayed in the cathedral. 
Harry investigated the inscriptions inside the bell which gave the names of all the people who were baptised on the HMS Birmingam. 
Dalton even got to have a go at ringing the bell!

After a quick snack in the pigeon park... 

We headed over to the museum.

Here we became Roman Treasure Hunters as we searched for some interesting artefacts.

Our final stop of the day was at St Martin's Church in the bullring. 
Here the reverend gave us a very informative guided tour of the historic church. 

We have learnt a lot about Christianity today and showed respect for the religious locations that we visited, great job today 4.2!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Wonder Wall!

Take a look at our brand new wonder wall! 

Every two weeks some new, thought provoking questions will appear on our wonder wall.
As you can see, some of the children have provided some interesting answers to the questions we've got up at the moment, can you give an answer too? 

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Our day at Lunt Fort

4.2 had a very exciting day yesterday learning lots about Roman Britain. 

When we first arrived at the fort we were greeted by a soldier guarding the gate. He refused to allow us entry until we gave him the secret password, sausages! 

After we'd dropped our bags off in the granary for safekeeping we got to work exploring the sights at this archaeological site. 

 Here we are taking a look at the defensive ditch that the Roman's would've used to trip-up any invading Celts! We learned lots about the variety of defensive strategies the Romans used, including sticking their swords through the narrow spaces between the planks of the fort ramparts. 

Here we are discovering that 8 Roman soliders would've had to have slept in these tiny rooms keeping all of their equipment with them as there was nowhere else to store it. 

Would've been a tight squeeze having 8 6ft tall men sleeping in here with their huge shields! 
Here we are inside the reconstructed Granary where Harry transformed into Julius, the trainee Roman Soldier.

 Testing out that armour!

During lunchtime, some children had a go at the Roman board games that were on display in the museum. 

After lunch, we all gathered outside to await our orders from the Centurian and begin our afternoon as soliders in training. 

 We had to swear and oath to the army to promise that we'd work hard for our Emperor. 

Perfecting our swordsmanship.

Rahim was chosen to help demonstrate the moves we'd be learning today. 

 Mrs Horrocks had a go too, watch out AJ!

At the end of our training, Madison was chosen as the toughest trainee and was asked to defend our honour by fighting the Centurian himself. 
Here she is in action!